Ibanez Jem Replacement Body Swirl Dna Style Custom

Left handed Ibanez JEM7 guitar
Left handed Ibanez JEM7 guitar
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 65643304681577120 Ibanez Jem Replacement Body Swirl Dna Style Custom

Up for auction is a new (never used) Ibanez Jem replacement body with a beautiful one of a kind DNA style swirl paint job.  This body was custom made by Perle Custom Guitars, and was CNC percision crafted to exact Ibanez specs.  This poplar body was given a one of a kind custom DNA swirl paint job by Nate Perle himself and then given a high gloss two part automotive clearcoat that looks like liquid glass.  Nate Perle and Pearl Custom Guitars has built up quite a reputaion among Ibanez Jem and swirl paint job enthusiasts, over the past few years.  I think the pictures speak for themselves.

This body is made form light weight poplar, and is fully routed for the classic Jem HSH pickup configuration.  It sports all of the unique characteristics of the official Ibanez Jems.  The "monkey grip" handle", the "lion's claw" route at the bridge, the angled and recessed input jack, and of course the unique Ibanez all access neck joint (AANJ).  All of the features that make the Ibanez Jem so distinct are there, and are CNC routed to exact Ibanez specs.  I'd like to add that this body has a real resonant quality.  When you knock on the wood, you can tell that it's gonna make a killer axe.  It's very light weight, too.  I will weigh it within the next few days, and add the results to the listing.

For those of you who are not familiar with the swirling/dipping process, it is a very difficult art to master.  The process begins with a large vat of water.  The artist applies different colored paint to the surface of the water.  The paint is then swirled with a stick.  When the artist feels that the swirl is "just right", he will slowly lower the guitar body into the vat.  The body is then removed, and if he's lucky, he's left with a work of art.  This takes many years of practice to do.  It is not a perfect art.  There is no such thing as a "perfect" swirl.  Even the high end Jems have some imperfections.  That's what makes them unique.  There will always be some spots where the color just doesn't take, and you'll see the under coat of paint through the swirl.  The most common place for this to occurr is on the inside cut aways at the horns.  The artist will use a colored base coat, under the swirl, to make the transition look natural.

This body has very good paint coverage.  However there are some areas where the swirl color coat is a little thin (inside the cut aways at the horns).  Like I said, this is common on many swirl paint jobs.  Nate Perle uses a white base coat, so the thin spots appear to be part of the overall design.  The clear coat on this body is very shiny and slick, and is rock hard.  Perle Custom Guitars claims to use a two part automotive clearcoat.  The clear coat was applied very well.  However there is a few very inconspicuous spots on the edge of the body where the clear coat ran a little.  The one that is most notable is on the bottom edge of the body near the lower horn.  This can not be seen while playing the guitar, and frankly, you have to search to find it.  You can see it in one of the last pics.  There is also a very small spot where the clear and color coat has chipped off on the front tip of the lower horn (see last pic).  Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that the area where the scallop for "lion's claw" route is, is a little rought to the touch.  This is in the scalloping it's self, not the top of the body.  The clear coat on the front and back of the body are super clean, and without faults.  I just had to mention the minor imperfections.  I like to be as honest a possible, and want the buyer to know exactly what they are getting. 

Let me say this.  If you are an anal perfectionist, do not bid on this item.  Swirl paint jobs, by nature, are not perfect.  Now, if you can appreciate the true art of guitar swirling, and can look past minor inconsistencies that go along with all "true" art, Then bid away.  You will be ultr happy with this body.


Now for the technical stuff.  Please read before bidding.


This body will accept the following bridges only!

Original Edge

Lo Pro Edge

Edge Pro

Gotoh Floyd Rose

Any other bridge would require additional routing to the body, and would destroy the paint job, and may not work at all.  If you do not plan on using one of the above mentioned bridges and hardware, DO NOT bid on this item.  Once you buy this body, it's yours.  I will not accept returns on this item.


This body is made to work with your spare Ibanez RG 24 fret neck with an all access neck joint (AANJ) or a Jem 24 fret neck with an all access neck joint.  If you do not plan on using one of the above mentioned necks, DO NOT bid on this body.  Like stated above.  I will not accept returns.

I just want to add a personal note.  I really really love this body, and hate to see it go.  I selected it personally from a selection of about 20 other Jem bodies that PCG had for sale at the time.  This one really spoke to me.  I had big plans to build the ultimate Jem from this body.  However, I have far too many projects on the work bench and way too many bills stacking up in the mailbox.  This one has to go.  It saddens me to not be able to see this project through.  I know this sounds corny, but I'd like to see this body go to a good home.  I'm starting the bidding for this body at a fraction of what I paid for it originally.  GOOD LUCK!

I have described this item to the best of my ability.  Please ask all questions before bidding.  All sales are final.  I will accept Paypal only as payment for this item.  Payment must be made within 48 hours of auction's end.





 65643304681577121 Ibanez Jem Replacement Body Swirl Dna Style Custom

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