2006 Ibanez La Custom Shop Rg Jem Universe Dillinger Escape Plan

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 132752509146549050 2006 Ibanez La Custom Shop Rg Jem Universe Dillinger Escape Plan

I really hate to do this but I never play this guitar and circumstances force me to sell it. 

Also, I don't really like the idea of revealing personal information about myself on Ebay but I feel it is important for you to know the story behind this guitar before buying. 
This is a 2006 Ibanez LA Custom Shop RG. My name is James Love and I got this guitar thanks to my time spent playing guitar for the band Dillinger Escape Plan. I met Ibanez A&R guy Mike Taft in late 2005 while on tour and approached him about a possible endorsement. After a few months of emails and phone calls, he finally came through for me and to my surprise offered me a full custom guitar. Being a fan of the late 80's/early 90's RGs, I came up with this guitar. It took a while to get it completed and apparently most of the delays were due to the black sharktooth inlays on the maple fretboard. According to Mike, this is the first Ibanez to ever feature such a thing and they had trouble getting them to look right. (they look killer) I asked for a finish that resembled the orange of a Sunkist Orange soda can and they nailed it. I should have been specific about the headstock logo because for some reason they put the "Prestige" logo on it and I much prefer the original logo with the check mark. So much so that I drew in a check mark on the headstock with a black marker. I wiped it off later, but it stained the lacquer slightly and you can still see where it was. (see the picture) Also, I asked for a black pickguard (meaning B/W/B like a 550) and I got black icon smile 2006 Ibanez La Custom Shop Rg Jem Universe Dillinger Escape Plan It's a pretty heavy guitar. Kinda like a Les Paul. 
Unfortunately, I got the guitar just after my time with Dillinger came to an end so I never played it with the band. Since then, I have played it occasionally, but not enough. 
It originally came with an EMG 81 and a black knob. I installed a green Dimarzio PAF Pro and an original vintage Ibanez white base orange volume knob. I think it looks much cooler this way but the original pickup and knob will be included if you want to put it back to original. 
- Mahogany Body routed for one bridge humbucker- Single Volume control- Fixed Lo Pro Edge Bridge- 24 frets - Dunlop 6100- 3 piece neck with Original Wizard Neck Profile (with a huge volute for strength) oil finish on the neck- Black Sharktooth Inlays on Maple - Original Square Neck Heel- Jem-style input jack- Gotoh tuners
- Original Case Included
I think I've covered all the details but please feel free to ask any questions you may have before bidding. 
This is an LA Custom Shop Ibanez. The only people who can get these are endorsees so an opportunity to own one like this doesn't come around too often, and the price reflects that. I would prefer this guitar went to someone who will play the hell out of it, but it will likely be a lawyer who can't play a lick icon smile 2006 Ibanez La Custom Shop Rg Jem Universe Dillinger Escape Plan oh well 
I will ship this anywhere in the world. I will pay shipping if you use Buy it Now. Otherwise, buyer will pay actual shipping charges with insurance. 
Please ask any questions you may have before bidding as I will not accept returns.
I reserve the right to end the auction at any time. 
Thanks for looking. 

 132752509146549051 2006 Ibanez La Custom Shop Rg Jem Universe Dillinger Escape Plan

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